About Us


Our global engineering and testing department is equipped with the technical and HDPE materials expertise to solve the world’s most complex docking problems. Only Dock Blocks™ offers the most advanced technology, including a patented docking system whereby blocks connect in the center versus the corners AND strengthening bars surround the perimeter, delivering more strength and added stability while ensuring the system lasts longer.

We are not finished yet. We continue to make our products better. Recent innovations include our new half-floater connecting pins that eliminate having to flip the dock over to install, resulting in a 75% faster assembly time. In addition, we have developed a new Boat Boost™ system that includes our patent-pending controller system, lifting boats weighing as much as 18,000 lbs. Finally, our new decking system includes frames and composite planks, offering the look and feel of traditional floating docks with the added value of increased strength and longer lasting performance.

Made in USA

Dock Blocks are made in America and manufactured to the highest quality standards using an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing process. We back every block manufactured with limited lifetime warranty.


Dock Blocks do not contain any “floating foam” which is harmful to the environment and found in many other kinds of floaters. We use a zero waste manufacturing process to minimize any waste leaving the plant. The best part is no trees are used and you receive the same benefits of traditional docking alternatives. The entire product is 100% recyclable should you move or no longer have a docking need. And by keeping boats out of the water it reduces the amount of toxins from paints.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you will love our products AND we are certain you will enjoy the entire Dock Blocks TM experience; from working with our extremely knowledgable and experienced account executives to communicating with our responsive technical support team throughout the entire delivery and assembly process. We offer fast shipping, financing, a Lifetime Warranty and a back-up our experience with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee* ensuring you are 100% satisfied.


Visit us at www.dock-blocks.com for more information.